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Customer Spotlight

Ship to Shore

Customer Spotlight | Duncan Smith, Head Chef at Ship to Shore in Kensington, PEI

There are many factors Duncan Smith considers when purchasing items for the kitchen of The Ship to Shore Restaurant in Kensington, PEI. Luckily Larkin Farms fresh poultry meets these needs. Chef Duncan appreciates a fresh and local product without fillers. He comments that when cooking with Larkin Farms products, they consistently deliver excellent results.

Considering the many products Larkin Farms offers, Chef Duncan says he has never had a bad experience. His favourite products are the boneless chicken thighs, the whole chickens & turkeys and the sausages. When asked about his favourite recipe, Chef Duncan says, “He can’t give those away.” However, he shares that buttermilk-marinated Larkin Farms chicken thighs seasoned with flour and deep-fried are the perfect fit for the Club House Sandwich served in the Ship to Shore dining room.

Being a part of a small restaurant, Chef Duncan and his team understand the need for PEI businesses to support each other. It is essential to spend money locally and be a driving force behind building up the PEI economy after the last few years of challenges that faced many Island owned businesses. Chef Duncan is happy to support local businesses whenever possible.

Thank you, Chef Duncan and everyone at Ship to Shore Restaurant, for supporting our Island business. It is greatly appreciated.

The Mill in New Glasgow

Customer Spotlight | Chef Emily Wells, Owner & Chef at The Mill in New Glasgow

Chef Emily’s favourite dish that features our products is her stuffed boneless chicken breast. The chicken breasts butterfly beautifully, the meat is tasty and does not contain any water or additives. These qualities are essential to avoid shrinkage and to deliver a consistent product without fail.

Chef Emily chooses our farm-fresh poultry because it is a superior product and keeps money in PEI’s economy. She knows the farmers and if needed can connect with them after hours. Larkin Farms has always supported her business during difficult times, and that faith has helped keep her restaurant in business.

Thank you, Chef Emily, for choosing Larkin Farms products for 15 years. Your support of our family business is greatly appreciated. 

Butcher and Butcher

Customer Spotlight | Butcher & Butcher: Fine Island Meats, Owners Jenn & Chris

Firstly, the Larkin family has always remained genuine, friendly and quick in response to all questions. They can depend on us to supply the highest quality poultry on PEI, and in their small butcher shop, this is precisely what they are looking for when stocking the shelves.

Secondly, they can taste the difference in Larkin Farms products. They have spoken to many customers in their shop who believed “it’s all just poultry” until they try a fresh Larkin Farms product. They are shocked every time. It is genuinely a consistent juicer, tastier, and better product.

Owner Jenn claims that no Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner is complete with a fresh Larkin turkey. In saying that, on a day-to-day basis, they gravitate towards fresh chicken breast and legs as they make every meal exceptional.

Jen and Chris have different reasons why they choose to support local in the PEI food Industry. When Jenn first met Chris, she was leaving a vegetarian lifestyle and wanted to explore local and ethical meat choices. It was essential to Jen to feel that she was not supporting a factory farm and terrible standards.

Jenn and Chris know that they are supporting farming done ethically when they buy and sell Larkin Farms products. They both believe that buying local food is best for overall health. There is something special about personally knowing the people behind agriculture. It creates a connection to food and a good feeling of investing in the community.

Thank you to Butcher & Butcher and Jen & Chris for your kind words and continued support of the Larkin Farms fresh poultry.

Red Shores

Customer Spotlight | Chef Andrew Smith, Head Chef at Red Shores

There are many Larkin Farms farm-fresh poultry products that Chef Andrew uses frequently including the Roasted Chicken and Roasted Turkey. His favourite product is Larkin Farms Smoked Turkey. He recommends trying it in a fresh sandwich, adding all preferred toppings, and notes the smoked turkey will always be the star of the sandwich.

Beyond the products, the biggest reason Chef Andrew chooses Larkin Farms farm fresh poultry is because of the people. He raves about how calling to place an order with Larkin Farms is like calling an old friend to catch up.

Thank you, Chef Andrew, for choosing Larkin Farms products; your support and friendship are greatly appreciated.

Simply for Life Charlottetown

Customer Spotlight | Simply for Life Charlottetown, Owner Kaitlyn Reher

Their favourite product at Simply for Life Charlottetown is the Cranberry Maple Turkey Burgers. A favourite recipe is “Simply for Life Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash,” using our ground turkey.

As the owner of a small Island store, Kaitlyn understands the importance of supporting local. It is their livelihood, and she sees firsthand the impact of how small and large purchases can help small businesses. Kaitlyn notes that sourcing local products for the Simply for life store are crucial to our local economy. Kaitlyn and her team are happy to see so many Island owned and operated businesses doing their best to support each other.

Thank you, Kaitlyn and everyone at Simply for Life Charlottetown, for supporting the Larkin Farms Family. It means the world to us.

Leonhard’s Cafe

Customer Spotlight | Axel Leonhard, owner and operator of Leonard’s Cafe in Charlottetown


Axel believes it is essential to invest in Island businesses and appreciates the transparency and visibility Larkin Farms exemplifies. You can find Larkin Farms chicken and roasted turkey in Leonhard’s fresh sandwiches and casseroles.

Thank you, Axel and the team, for choosing to use our farm fresh poultry Leonhard’s. Your support of our family business is appreciated!



Papa Joes

Customer Spotlight | Chef Irwin Mackinnon, head chef at @papajoespei in Charlottetown.

For a restaurant to be successful, it is key to curate consistent quality products. Irwin notes that Larkin Farms farmed-fresh poultry always delivers high-quality products. Their most popular Larkin Farms menu items would be the Classic Club and the Roast Turkey Dinner, these dishes both feature bone-in turkey breast.

Chef Irwin is a huge fan of our fresh chicken livers, using it to create delicious pate. Another favourite is a Turkey Wellington, that Chef Irwin created for Papa Joe’s Christmas menu. He uses turkey breast, butternut squash, dried cranberries wrapped in a puff pastry and served with a dark roast turkey reduction.

Thank you, Chef Irwin, for choosing Larkin Farms; your support means the world.


Customer Spotlight | ADL

ADL takes pride in supporting local every day and is proud to distribute our products. Our turkeys are among the most popular products sold in ADL stores, with turkey sausages following up in a close second. ADL loves Christmas turkey dinners with our farm-fresh turkeys!

Thank you to the team at ADL for choosing our products and supporting our family-run business!