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Our Promise

From Our Farm to Your Table With Care! At Larkin Farms, we farm with integrity because we care and we know you do too. From our farm to your table, we promise that we will always put the welfare of our birds first.

At Larkin Farms, we farm with integrity because we care and we know you do too.  From our farm to your table, we promise that we will always put the welfare of our birds first.

We are committed to providing our flock with the very best farm life. We believe happy meals begin with happy turkeys and chickens and take pride in producing the highest-quality poultry products on our family farm. 

Turkey & Chicken Care

At Larkin Farms, our chickens and turkeys are raised and tended to by our caring staff, who take great pride in their welfare. We take a very hands-on approach and make sure they always have fresh bedding and a constant water supply. This helps ensure a stress-free and comfortable environment every day.

Cage-Free With Room to Roam

We believe in cage-free environments and our farm is never overpopulated. In fact, at Larkin Farms we provide our flock with twice as much space as conventional birds . This allows our birds more room to roam in our barns than conventional barn-raised chickens and turkeys.

Nutritious Feed

Our chickens and turkeys are fed a nutritious, vitamin-enriched diet that is 100% vegetable feed with no animal by-products. We also ensure our birds never have to go far to access their water and feed (a maximum of 13 feet).

Free of Antibiotics & Medications

We do not use antibiotics or medications on our chickens or turkeys. It’s our way of helping to fight the global threat of antibiotic resistance while also ensuring the Larkin products never have antibiotic residue. 

Free of Growth Hormones 

Growth hormones are banned in all Canadian poultry and we are grateful for this. We have never and will never use hormones or steroids on our birds. 

Free Range Barns

We believe our birds should be free to express their natural behaviours. That’s why we house them in free range barns, where no cages, wires or slotted floors are  permitted. The barns provide shelter from extreme temperatures and protection against predators and diseases. Large doors invite the breeze and sunlight in, ensuring our flock enjoy the best farm life.

Farm to Table & Low Stress Transportation

At Larkin Farms, we’re committed to the highest levels of care at every stage, which is why we process our own birds at our Crapaud facility less than 30 minutes from our farm. Care is taken when individually catching birds. No overcrowding is allowed and noise is kept to a minimum during transportation. And, of course, we maintain the highest standards of care at our facility.


We believe that building a more sustainable food system starts at home. At Larkin Farms, we raise turkeys and chickens exclusively for our Island community.  Together with our customers, we can reduce the carbon ‘foodprint’ of farming and help create a local food system that sustains people and the planet. 

When you choose Larkin Farms poultry, you’re not just choosing the highest quality product, you’re choosing in favour of happy farming. From our family to yours, thank you for that. We know you’ll taste the difference!